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Carbon Strategic

At Kaizen we collaborate with reputed companies to enhance our bouquet of services. Our partners are experts in their industry with a track record of product innovation, business integrity and excellent customer service.

Carbon Strategic is a leading company providing innovative solutions in Green Technology and Clean Energy sector. Carbon Strategic has under contract 38 million hectares forestry projects for the development of REDD Carbon Credits. The company has also targeted water treatment and bio fuel technologies for acquisition.

A Revolutionary Thin-Film BatteryTechnology

This Publically Listed US Company holds the patents and exclusive rights to the world’s leading Thin-Film Lithium Polymer Battery (TFLB) Technology. This TFLB technology is set to revolutionize the energy market with multiple existing and new applications for commercial, consumer, industrial, security and military use. The TFLB batteries are rechargeable, low cost, have very high energy density, have an anticorrosive coating, operate in a broader spectrum of environmental situations than other batteries, and are capable of outlasting the lifespan of the majority of electronic and mechanical devices for which it is applied.

Carbon Credits

Carbon strategic has positioned itself as a front runner in the fastest developing industry of which the global carbon trading market in 2012 is expected to be over US$200 Billion. World Bank and the IMF predict the size of the carbon market to reach over $2 Trillion per annum by 2020.

Forest Ecosystem – Viable Business Model

Climate Change has rapidly changed our view on the value of Forest Ecosystems. Forests are now considered vital parts in the world’s ecological infrastructure. Governments and institutions globally are acting quickly to avert global ecological and economic disaster by rapidly developing carbon trading markets, forcing accelerated technology adoption and change in energy markets with renewable energy legislation, and signing legally binding targets and agreements through the United Nations. The global carbon market is an important resource, driver and indicator of this economy.

Our Relationship

Kaizen Consulting is mandated to assist Carbon Strategic in expanding their business footprint in Asia and deliver on business objectives